OnSite Relief - we are a non-profit organization looking for volunteers to help with our current project; providing aid to families affected by Katrina in New Orleans.
Donate your time & money or plan a vacation in New Orleans. Volunteers will not only help with the rebuilding process, but will leave with deepened appreciation for the city.

volunteer in New Orleans volunteer in New Orleans
OnSite - volunteers helping people rebuild in New Orleans
call 1-800-370-2420 to donate or volunteer call 1-800-370-2420 to donate or volunteer call 1-800-370-2420 to donate or volunteer
donate to help OnSite provide aid to families volunteer for OnSite and help families rebuild current volunteer projects view photos & video from past OnSite projects visit OnSite's blog about OnSite and its team contact OnSite to donate or volunteer
New Orleans still needs your help - Donate & Volunteer today
volunteer in New Orleans
volunteer in New Orleans

About OnSite

OnSite is a Non-Profit Corporation with 501 3(c) status operating as "OnSite Relief Inc."

Devastating natural disasters happen around the world every year. Hurricanes, floods, tornados and other disasters displace hundreds of thousands of people. Families left homeless by disasters face an uncertain future and usually confront dire housing needs as they struggle to rebuild their lives.

OnSite recognizes the need to provide assistance and solutions to help these families recover. The OnSite team works with the family and community in disaster mitigation, and long-term recovery initiatives to address the recovery needs that arise from natural disasters.

Our Team

Genevieve Griffin

Justin Bhagat - Director/Founder

After graduating from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce I worked as an auditor. After only a year I changed careers and started working in web development. During this period I developed, designed and marketed a bridal community servicing wedding vendors named www.bridalspace.com

In 2007 my focus shifted to something more important and larger than myself...helping others. Starting OnSite is the most fulfilling venture of my life.

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Education: Bachelor of Commerce, University of Toronto; Internet Engineer Degree, Prime Tech Institute
Interests: Jogging, kayaking, surfing, rollerblading, fishing


emma raynor

Emma Raynor - Project Manager

I was raised in Ann Arbor Michigan. I attended the University of Michigan, and graduated in December of 2009. In Winter 2008 I took a semester off and spent a few months volunteering with Onsite Relief in New Orleans. After graduating, I decided to return to New Orleans and Onsite as the Project Manager. I find New Orleans to be an incredibly beautiful and inspiring place, and I want to give back to it all that it has given me.

Birthplace: Boston, Mass, raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Major in American Culture, University of Michigan
Photography, reading, music, food


Clive Lobo

Clive Lobo - Director

After university in Northern Iowa I started my career at KPMG in the mid 90's as a CPA in auditing and then worked as a consultant for Trane Air conditioning, working with demand flow manufacturing, business process improvement and financial auditing for their internal offices in North and South America. I got the opportunity to travel all over the world on business. It was a great experience. I was ready for a change and got into the internet space in 2000 when I moved to Canada and started my life as a serial entrepreneur.
I started an online dating site in 2000 and learnt internet marketing in the school of hard knocks. I have been involved in the sales of internet marketing services including SEO since 2003. I founded and successfully sold my last internet venture and am now involved with Spark Internet Marketing in Business Development. I am an entrepreneur at heart and love the internet marketing industry.

Birthplace: Bombay (now Mumbai) India
Education: University of Northern Iowa, 1992 to 1995. Accounting Major/ Certified Public Accountant- Iowa 1995.
Interests: Eating, snowboarding, cooking, church www.themeetinghouse.ca


Ellen Rapalje

Ellen Rapalje - Director

Born and raised in Burlington, Vermont. I graduated in 1992 from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor's in Nutritional Sciences. After college I worked as a Wellness Director for 5 years and then in 1997 I decided to move to Oregon. While living in Oregon, I worked as a personal trainer, aerobics instructor and a physical therapy aide. In 1999 I moved to Amherst, Massachusetts. In Amherst, I worked as a General Manager of a health club. Due to my entire family living in Vermont, I decided to move back to Burlington in 2005 and that is where I am today working in technical services at a marketing company.

In 1999 I went to New Orleans for the first time for Jazz Fest. I have been back every year since. I love everything about New Orleans and tell everyone I meet to do anything they can to support the Big Easy.

Birthplace: Burlington, Vermont
Education: BS, University of Vermont
Interests: Working out, running, music and hanging out with my nephews and nieces.


Jennifer Cloe

Jennifer Cloe - Director

I grew up in Arlington, Virginia until I was 12 and then moved to Birmingham, Alabama. After graduating with a Bachelor's in Business Management from the University of Alabama I received a Master's of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling from the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. I spent 8 years working in that field mostly with substance abusers and also people with HIV. In 2002 I began working at a law office where I am today. In 1999 I went to New Orleans for Jazz Fest. I'd been to New Orleans before, but this was the first Fest. I've been every since with the same group of friends. We all love the city and try to support it in every possible way.

Birthplace: Washington, D.C.
Education: BS, University of Alabama; MS Medical College of Virginia
Interests: Reading, music, movies, working out, swimming, hanging with my dog NOLA (who is named after that fabulous city)


Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell - Secretary

I grew up in Weston, Ontario where I met, and later married, my husband Barry. We moved to Georgetown where we raised our family. Thirty-one years later we moved to Collingwood. I am now retired from a 26 year career in the teaching profession. Having lost both my ten year old son and my husband to cancer I became dedicated to pursuing my own good health and promoting it to others. This led me to become a distributor for Juice Plus. I also enjoy Tai Chi, grow a few of my own vegetables and am a firm believer in organic foods. I am an active member of Beta Sigma Phi, my local Probus organization and Collingwood’s Cinema Club.

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Education: Weston Collegiate, Lakeshore Teachers' College, University of Toronto, York University
Interests: pursuing and promoting good health, tai chi, painting, travel, writing memoirs, fostering dogs for the Humane Society, spending time with my dog Luka, and going to my favourite place: the beach

volunteer in New Orleans
volunteer in New Orleans
volunteer in New Orleans
volunteer in New Orleans
volunteer in New Orleans
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volunteer in New Orleans
volunteer in New Orleans
OnSite is a Non-Profit Corporation with 501 3(c) status operating as "OnSite Relief Inc."
©2009 OnSite Relief Inc.